What Are Regulatory Signs?

The signs you see when you are driving or walking in public places are regulatory signs. In Seattle, WA, and around the world, these signs are designed to provide you with information about local road rules and traffic laws so that you can stay safe while driving, walking, or otherwise traveling up and down the streets. Many of these road signs feature a combination of recognizable colors and shapes so that even if you can’t read them, you can still recognize the message they are trying to get across.

Some of the most common regulatory signs with different shapes, colors, and symbols you will see throughout the country include:

Square with Black Lettering on a White Background These signs usually include speed limit signs, keep right signs, keep left signs, and one-way signs.

A Red Background with White Lettering – These signs usually come in a variety of different shapes, including octagons, triangles, and squares. They commonly include stop signs, yield signs, and wrong way signs.

Square with Black & Red Symbols – These signs include no-turn signs, including no right-hand turn, no left-hand turn, and no U-turn signs.

With the proper regulatory signage, you can drastically reduce the number of accidents that can occur during your stretch of the road.