The Importance Of Making Traffic Control Plans For Your Construction Site

Traffic control is essential to complete roadway construction. It is important for the safety of the workers at the roadside and necessary to protect drivers and pedestrians. Traffic control plans also help ensure the construction site stays on schedule. There are a few critical elements to maintaining traffic flow around roadworks, and direction signs have a significant part to play.


Minimize Risk


Drivers with no information are at risk of making poor decisions when approaching an area with alternate traffic instructions. When armed with clear directions about their surroundings, they are better able to make sound choices. Whether the signs help drivers navigate a construction site or are for crowd control during a parade, obeying traffic signs is vital to everyone’s safety.


Essential Traffic Signs


Every traffic control plan should include:


Detour & alternate route signs

Types of vehicles allowed in the area

Pedestrian directional signs

Access for disabled persons

Flaggers with traffic direction signs


Everyone Goes Home Safe


Clear signage is one of the hallmarks of a safe construction zone or organized event. No matter the reason, you should have an appropriate traffic control plan to protect the safety of your site and the signs to make your instructions clear.