Proper Placement of a School Zone Sign

School zones are very active areas during the months when classes are in session. It can take some time for drivers and students to get used to the traffic flow and readjust to a routine when passing through these areas. That’s why the proper placement of school zone signs in Washington is an important factor. These signs alert drivers to pay special attention to students’ comings and goings and give distracted or inexperienced students an extra margin of safety.


At AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., we know all about road signs, and we’ll use this blog to discuss the proper placement of school zone signs.


School zones are not always defined by the physical boundaries of the property itself. The zone may extend beyond the grounds and is active during school hours. School zone laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the rule of thumb is that they generally begin 1,000 feet from a school. Speed limits are reduced in these areas.


It is important to place signs where they have the most visibility and carry the most weight. This usually means they should be situated close to crosswalks and near intersections. Putting additional signs in the school neighborhood reminds drivers that there will be increased pedestrian traffic in the area and to be alert.


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