Why Do Light Towers Matter in Construction?

When you think about light towers in Washington, you are likely to think about baseball diamonds, football fields, and racetracks. But these impressive structures can also be regularly found on construction sites as well. There are many reasons why light towers are so common during a construction project. They include:

Increasing Safety – Light towers provide visibility when operating machines and tools. The heavy machinery used during construction projects can be quite dangerous if you cannot see what you are doing.

Increasing Visibility – When construction projects are on roads or highways, making contractors visible to other people—such as drivers—can help save a life. Light towers not only help drivers see contractors, but they can also indicate that there is a construction project going on to raise awareness.

Keeps Projects on Time & Budget – Using the sun as your sole light source on a construction site can cause major project delays, especially entering winter when the sun goes down earlier in the day. Light towers ensure that no matter what time of day or night, crews are able to see what they are doing clearly to reduce downtime.

Reduces Vandalism, Theft, & Break-Ins – Darkness is a friend to criminals. With bright tower lights, sites remain illuminated, which will deter most would-be vandals or thieves away. Most thieves are likely to abandon potential break-ins if there is a higher chance of being seen or caught.