What Types of Traffic Cones Are Available to Rent?

Traffic and safety cones come in more sizes and styles than most people realize. If you imagine a cone, you likely think of a large orange cone with two white bands or something similar. However, cones come in other colors, different sizes, and banded and nonbanded varieties. Here at AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., we offer the following products for traffic cone rental in Washington:

  • 18-Inch Nonbanded Orange Cones
  • 18-Inch Banded Orange Cones
  • 18-Inch Nobanded Yellow Cones
  • 18-Inch Banded Yellow Cones
  • 28-Inch Nonbanded Orange Cones
  • 28-Inch Banded Orange Cones

Choosing the Right Cone

While browsing your traffic cone rental options, the products may seem mostly the same, but the differences are important. For example, orange and yellow mean different things. Orange indicates the risk of serious injury or death, whereas yellow indicates the risk of general injury, according to OSHA. Other colors like red, green, blue, and white can be used for other purposes.

Likewise, consider the visibility conditions of your application. Bigger, banded cones are more visible from afar and in low-light situations. The bands reflect light from headlamps and other illuminations so that these cones stand out even on dark, stormy nights. However, if people will see the cones close up during the day, a smaller, non-banded product may suffice for traffic cone rental.