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Why Safety Signs Are Necessary For Construction Sites

From falling debris to large machinery, there are few work environments more dangerous than construction. Fortunately, crews know what safety precautions to take, thanks to construction signs on Washington build sites. There are several categories of signs, and each one provides crucial information.

Prohibition Signs

These are standard warning signs and have a red circle with a line through them. They are often associated with no entry and are intended to discourage unauthorized access.

Mandatory Signs

These blue signs tell you what you must do. The most common mandatory sign on construction sites is to wear a hard hat but can include a high-visibility clothing requirement or to keep something locked.

Warning Signs

These bright yellow signs warn you of certain conditions, like a slippery floor or that you are entering a construction site. They are not always instructions; they are meant as alerts.

Safe Condition Signs

When you need to know where to find safety, these green signs mean go. Safe condition signs offer directions or instructions, such as the location of a first aid kit or an assembly point.

Firefighting Equipment Signs

These red construction signs let you know where to find firefighting equipment. While they are red like warning signs, they are always rectangular.

When entering a construction site, you must be aware of your surroundings and follow the signs. Health and safety are your primary consideration when in a dangerous environment.