Why LED Traffic Warning Signs are Spreading in Use

In the past few decades, LED traffic warning signs in Washington have become some of the most brilliant inventions to gain widespread adoption on highways and roads. But what makes these traffic signs so attractive to cities and states across the nation? Here are the top three reasons why local governments have embraced the spread of LEDs across America:

They Help Save Money – Most towns and cities have tight budgets when it comes to upgrading traffic control equipment. LED lights work better and longer than traditional lights. By switching over to LEDs, these municipalities can save up to 75% thanks to reduced maintenance costs and lower energy needs.

Grabs Driver Attention – Many LED signs can be programmed to blink or flash. By placing several small flashing lights on the outer edge of your traffic warning signs, you can easily add an attention-grabbing effect that alerts drivers and hopefully helps them avoid potentially dangerous road situations.

Environmentally Friendly – Today’s LED traffic warning signs do not harm the environment nearly as much as the older systems using halogen lights did. LEDs produce zero UV emissions while being able to shine much brighter. That means a safer stretch of road for both drivers and the environment.