The Types of Regulatory Signs You Need to Know

Regulatory signs convey important information about how you need to drive for your own safety, the safety of others, and to avoid a traffic ticket. While you can likely recognize the most common signs with only a glance, there are dozens of signs in use in the United States that you should know. Here are the most important ones for drivers to know:

Stop and Yield: The red octagon Stop sign is the most iconic of all regulatory signs. However, it’s equally essential to obey posted Yield signs to prevent collisions. Most Yield signs are red and white triangles, but there are other variants, including rectangular Yield to Pedestrians and Left Turn Yield on Green messages. Likewise, keep your eye out for All-Way or 4-Way stop signals and Stop Here When Flashing.

Directions: Firetruck red Do Not Enter and Wrong Way signs are just a couple of examples of directional regulatory signs. Other common types you must memorize are the many forms of Turn Signs and messages about upcoming changes to the highway.

Parking: Many drivers struggle to decipher confusing parking messages, but it’s crucial to know where you can stop without getting ticketed. Some types of Parking signs include the basic P covered by a red no sign, No Parking Any Time, X HR Parking from one time period to another, Reserved Parking for disabled drivers, and so on.