The Importance of Traffic Safety At a Worksite

Open excavations, large equipment, and dangerous materials are common hazards on worksites, but you should know that unsafe driving behavior is one of the deadliest issues. We have all had to slow down when passing through construction zones on streets and highways, and we have all heard of tragic accidents resulting from drivers that do not obey the traffic warning signs.


A Sign for Safety



Construction signs on Washington roads are not only there to indicate work ahead; they protect everyone that moves through the site. From pedestrians to drivers to workers, no one is exempt from obeying the warnings. Paying attention while you drive is the most critical step you can take to ensure everyone makes it home without incident.


A Valuable Function


Traffic warning signs serve several purposes:


Keep construction sites safe for workers and drivers

Reduce the risk of injury and accident

Can help speed up the project


While getting stuck in a construction zone can be frustrating, traffic safety equipment is in place for a reason, and it is everyone’s job to follow the rules. The next time you approach a construction sign while you are out driving, consider the workers who put themselves at risk every day to help build community infrastructure.