How to Use Light Towers Effectively on Your Construction Site

Reduced visibility is a major safety concern on any Jobsite, but sometimes work must be done in the evening, night, or early morning. That is why our company provides construction light towers to Washington site managers to get the job done on schedule and without incident. However, it is not enough to simply set up a tower and get the work. Be sure to consider the following to use light towers as effectively as possible.

Assess What Your Lighting Needs Are


How much lighting is required? What type of tower do you need? These are the first questions you should ask while planning illumination for your project. Calculate the square footage of the site that will require lighting while also keeping in mind any weather conditions that may affect visibility.


Likewise, be aware that construction light towers typically come in two forms: heavy trailers and portable, cart-like bases. The trailers provide more visibility and can withstand tough environments, but they take up more space, and they are more challenging to maneuver. On the other hand, carts provide less lighting, but they are far more suitable for tight spaces and constant layout changes. Don’t hesitate to speak with an expert if you need help determining how much lighting you need and which tower style is best for your situation.

Determine the Perfect Positioning


When positioning light towers, you should consider not only the lighting itself but also the safety of the site workers. Each tower will need a flat and stable surface to prevent falls. Likewise, any overhead obstructions like trees and power lines could pose safety issues, as well as reduce the effectiveness of the lighting.