How to Use Portable Construction Light Towers

light up closeKeeping your workers and members of the public safe is your primary concern at your worksites. The best way to accomplish those tasks is by having the illumination and signs you need. At AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., our specialty is safety on the job in construction zones and for the public. We provide equipment to meet those goals, and we’ll look at the best use of portable construction light towers in Washington here as an example.

Seeing is safety. When workers are not operating in dim and dark conditions, there is less risk of an injury or project setback from an error. A construction site bathed in good lighting is a better environment for the workers while also being easily identifiable and avoidable by anyone who is not supposed to be there.

The best way to use construction light towers is to place them where there can fully illuminate a worksite while not being in the way of workers or equipment. They should also be situated where they do not cause a distraction to any oncoming motorists if the work is happening roadside.

Before erecting light towers, it is always a good idea to check on any local bylaws or regulations on using such equipment.

roadwork sign

Why Safety Signs Are Necessary For Construction Sites

From falling debris to large machinery, there are few work environments more dangerous than construction. Fortunately, crews know what safety precautions to take, thanks to construction signs on Washington build sites. There are several categories of signs, and each one provides crucial information.

Prohibition Signs

These are standard warning signs and have a red circle with a line through them. They are often associated with no entry and are intended to discourage unauthorized access.

Mandatory Signs

These blue signs tell you what you must do. The most common mandatory sign on construction sites is to wear a hard hat but can include a high-visibility clothing requirement or to keep something locked.

Warning Signs

These bright yellow signs warn you of certain conditions, like a slippery floor or that you are entering a construction site. They are not always instructions; they are meant as alerts.

Safe Condition Signs

When you need to know where to find safety, these green signs mean go. Safe condition signs offer directions or instructions, such as the location of a first aid kit or an assembly point.

Firefighting Equipment Signs

These red construction signs let you know where to find firefighting equipment. While they are red like warning signs, they are always rectangular.

When entering a construction site, you must be aware of your surroundings and follow the signs. Health and safety are your primary consideration when in a dangerous environment.


Why Choose A Custom Sign Shop for Your Road Signage?

When drivers are on the road, they don’t have time to analyze and adjust for different road sign styles. Uniformity and consistency are essential for commuters. The standards for construction and traffic direction signs are laid out by a governing body that ensures that businesses who create signage understand their responsibilities. That’s why it’s critical to discuss your requirements with a custom sign shop in Washington. With over three decades of experience, AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. knows that the correct specifications for road and traffic signs are critical. They make sure drivers in fast-moving vehicles easily understand your message.

Compliance with the MUTCD

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices outlines traffic direction and construction sign industry standards. The MUTCD gives custom sign shops the information they need to adhere to road compliance and safety requirements. No company wants to take a chance that their product is not in accordance with the necessary regulations.

Safety First

Traffic direction signs are an essential component of travel; they provide us with speed, direction, restrictions, and allowances. Construction signs keep everyone safe, including the people working on the construction site. Warning signs allow drivers to prepare for special road conditions and keep travelers safe from hazards. Put your trust in a custom sign shop that follows industry standards to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

The Types of Regulatory Signs You Need to Know

Regulatory signs convey important information about how you need to drive for your own safety, the safety of others, and to avoid a traffic ticket. While you can likely recognize the most common signs with only a glance, there are dozens of signs in use in the United States that you should know. Here are the most important ones for drivers to know:

Stop and Yield: The red octagon Stop sign is the most iconic of all regulatory signs. However, it’s equally essential to obey posted Yield signs to prevent collisions. Most Yield signs are red and white triangles, but there are other variants, including rectangular Yield to Pedestrians and Left Turn Yield on Green messages. Likewise, keep your eye out for All-Way or 4-Way stop signals and Stop Here When Flashing.

Directions: Firetruck red Do Not Enter and Wrong Way signs are just a couple of examples of directional regulatory signs. Other common types you must memorize are the many forms of Turn Signs and messages about upcoming changes to the highway.

Parking: Many drivers struggle to decipher confusing parking messages, but it’s crucial to know where you can stop without getting ticketed. Some types of Parking signs include the basic P covered by a red no sign, No Parking Any Time, X HR Parking from one time period to another, Reserved Parking for disabled drivers, and so on.

Your Source for Road Construction Necessities

On any construction site, safety is priority number one. This is especially true on road construction sites, where passing traffic and nighttime working hours can create potentially hazardous conditions for workers. If you are managing a road construction project, you need certain safety necessities to help protect your crew. AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. has everything you need to maintain safe conditions at your job site.

With our products, you can set up a barricade in Seattle, WA, to mark off your work area from the general traffic. Our durable products include:

  • Class I Barricades
  • Class II Barricades
  • Class III Barricades
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • ADA Barricades

In addition to barricades and water-filled barriers, our selection also includes a number of other safety items for your worksite. Ask us about our high-performance light towers that illuminate your construction site during the nighttime hours. Additionally, our traffic direction signs help you divert traffic and alert motorists that a construction site is ahead.

When it comes to barricades and signs that serve to uphold your job site’s safety, our company has everything you need. As our customer, you can rest assured that all of your traffic sign needs are met on every job. If you have any questions, our team is available to take your call.


Functional Traffic Safety Equipment in Washington

Keeping workers and members of the general public safe in and around construction zones is not a task to be taken lightly. It can’t be done without functional traffic safety equipment in Washington from a company such as AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. We’re going to take a look at the types of equipment here.

Safety equipment comes in many forms, from intense work lights to traffic control signs and barricades to personal safety gear. Construction workers need to be protected on the job due to the dangerous nature of their trade. Also, companies need to make sure their workers have the proper protection in order to comply with health and safety regulations. This includes products such as Class III coats, reflective vests, safety, glasses, and earplugs.

Sometimes you may not even need to purchase traffic safety equipment if you only require it for a short time. In those instances, your best option is to rent some for the duration of the job.

When you need to control pedestrian or vehicular traffic to maximize both travelers’ and workers’ safety, make sure that you choose a company that is ready to meet your needs with quality products.


What Is A Traffic Control Plan?

More vehicles on the roads reflect the growth of cities. Despite the size of the municipality, officials need a traffic plan. Allowing motorists to drive around without traffic control is a recipe for disaster, especially in road work areas. Congestion will also occur on heavily traveled roadways and at busy intersections under construction without regulating the flow. It would help if you had the right equipment to help you develop an effective traffic control plan in Washington.

A Traffic Plan on Paper Is Essential

Changing traffic patterns through and around a roadway project allows contracting crews to work safely and efficiently. A detailed plan on paper gives you an idea of how your project will look and what materials you need to make it work. It would be best if your traffic plan considers all variables related to traffic and road work, including traffic amounts at different times of the day and where crews will work.

Display Signs of the Times to Protect and Prevent

Traffic control equipment such as traffic barrels and barricade signs makes sure you show drivers how to travel to their destination while keeping road crews safe. Pavement markers help motorists stay in the proper lane so that traffic flows properly. A custom traffic control plan in Washington can help you complete a road project on schedule.


The Importance of Personal Protection Equipment in Washington

Any construction job warrants the right gear so that nobody gets hurt. When you’re at a worksite, you want to take precautions for any worst-case scenarios. Accidents, and potentially fatal tragedies, can happen to anyone no matter how much experience they have in their respective industry; therefore, investing in the right personal protection equipment in Washington is vital.

Some of the worst incidents can be avoided when wearing the right gear and you have the proper tools. AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. are dedicated to providing workers with top-of-the-line personal protection equipment to prevent any significant injuries. In particular, construction workers can work in such a wide variety of projects ranging from highways to building sites, all of which pose several different threats if they’re not careful. We also offer a variety of road and construction signs to ensure that there is no interference from traffic or possible danger from vehicles; signs are just as important as PPE in contributing to the safety of construction workers.

Contact us today to learn more about the personal protection equipment that best suits your needs. Our customer service team would love to hear your inquiries and further understand the needs of our customers. We aim to provide the best protection products by improving the quality and access to a wide variety of safety equipment.


The Best Types of Barricades in Seattle, WA

A focus on safety should be the driving force behind any construction project or crowd control scenario. In this way, the work can move along without interruption in the case of a job site, and individuals are not permitted access to off-limits areas during major public events, for example.

Sticking to that focus is much easier through the addition of barricades in Seattle, WA. At AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., this is our field, and we’re going to provide information here to help you choose the best barriers for your needs.

There are many factors you need to keep in mind when making your choice. Of prime importance is the size of the area you have to secure because that will dictate the number of barricades you need. Then you must consider the type of traffic you need to control. Are you interested in directing the flow of foot traffic or alerting motorists to the presence of a construction zone?

Type I, II, and III traffic barricades are essential for highlighting danger areas with a combination of bright safety colors and lighting. Water-filled barriers provide a combination of size and weight that is vital for offering stout protection for a restricted area. Pedestrian ADA barriers are beneficial for safely directing the flow of people in the direction you intend.

Typically, a combination of these types will meet all of your needs while keeping everyone safe.

Types of Barricades in Seattle, WA, for Ensuring Worksite Safety

Efficient traffic flow is vital to ensuring the safety of a worksite, especially along a roadway. Distracted drivers provide a real problem for workers trying to get a job done safely, but using effective barricades in Seattle, WA, certainly helps. These obstructions draw attention to themselves with bright colors and lights that make drivers aware they need to slow down and be cautious.

We know a lot about traffic barricades at AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., and we’re going to discuss them here, so you have the information you need to select the right ones for your job site.

Orange and white water-filled barriers can be placed to blockade a space of any size. Once filled, they are heavy and deliver appropriate area control. Perfect complements to the water-filled variety are Type I, II, and III barricades. Types I and II include orange and white diagonal stripes along with flashing orange lights. Type III units are tall barriers with triple panels that are striped as well. Lights can be added to these also. All three models work well to alert drivers of areas of construction and decreased traffic flow.

Traffic control applies to crowds as well. Water-filled barriers can be employed for this purpose, or you can use pedestrian barricades. As you can see, there are many options for safely directing and controlling traffic flow.