The Importance of Traffic Safety At a Worksite

Open excavations, large equipment, and dangerous materials are common hazards on worksites, but you should know that unsafe driving behavior is one of the deadliest issues. We have all had to slow down when passing through construction zones on streets and highways, and we have all heard of tragic accidents resulting from drivers that do not obey the traffic warning signs.


A Sign for Safety



Construction signs on Washington roads are not only there to indicate work ahead; they protect everyone that moves through the site. From pedestrians to drivers to workers, no one is exempt from obeying the warnings. Paying attention while you drive is the most critical step you can take to ensure everyone makes it home without incident.


A Valuable Function


Traffic warning signs serve several purposes:


Keep construction sites safe for workers and drivers

Reduce the risk of injury and accident

Can help speed up the project


While getting stuck in a construction zone can be frustrating, traffic safety equipment is in place for a reason, and it is everyone’s job to follow the rules. The next time you approach a construction sign while you are out driving, consider the workers who put themselves at risk every day to help build community infrastructure.

The Importance Of Making Traffic Control Plans For Your Construction Site

Traffic control is essential to complete roadway construction. It is important for the safety of the workers at the roadside and necessary to protect drivers and pedestrians. Traffic control plans also help ensure the construction site stays on schedule. There are a few critical elements to maintaining traffic flow around roadworks, and direction signs have a significant part to play.


Minimize Risk


Drivers with no information are at risk of making poor decisions when approaching an area with alternate traffic instructions. When armed with clear directions about their surroundings, they are better able to make sound choices. Whether the signs help drivers navigate a construction site or are for crowd control during a parade, obeying traffic signs is vital to everyone’s safety.


Essential Traffic Signs


Every traffic control plan should include:


Detour & alternate route signs

Types of vehicles allowed in the area

Pedestrian directional signs

Access for disabled persons

Flaggers with traffic direction signs


Everyone Goes Home Safe


Clear signage is one of the hallmarks of a safe construction zone or organized event. No matter the reason, you should have an appropriate traffic control plan to protect the safety of your site and the signs to make your instructions clear.

What Are Regulatory Signs?

The signs you see when you are driving or walking in public places are regulatory signs. In Seattle, WA, and around the world, these signs are designed to provide you with information about local road rules and traffic laws so that you can stay safe while driving, walking, or otherwise traveling up and down the streets. Many of these road signs feature a combination of recognizable colors and shapes so that even if you can’t read them, you can still recognize the message they are trying to get across.

Some of the most common regulatory signs with different shapes, colors, and symbols you will see throughout the country include:

Square with Black Lettering on a White Background These signs usually include speed limit signs, keep right signs, keep left signs, and one-way signs.

A Red Background with White Lettering – These signs usually come in a variety of different shapes, including octagons, triangles, and squares. They commonly include stop signs, yield signs, and wrong way signs.

Square with Black & Red Symbols – These signs include no-turn signs, including no right-hand turn, no left-hand turn, and no U-turn signs.

With the proper regulatory signage, you can drastically reduce the number of accidents that can occur during your stretch of the road.

Proper Placement of a School Zone Sign

School zones are very active areas during the months when classes are in session. It can take some time for drivers and students to get used to the traffic flow and readjust to a routine when passing through these areas. That’s why the proper placement of school zone signs in Washington is an important factor. These signs alert drivers to pay special attention to students’ comings and goings and give distracted or inexperienced students an extra margin of safety.


At AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., we know all about road signs, and we’ll use this blog to discuss the proper placement of school zone signs.


School zones are not always defined by the physical boundaries of the property itself. The zone may extend beyond the grounds and is active during school hours. School zone laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the rule of thumb is that they generally begin 1,000 feet from a school. Speed limits are reduced in these areas.


It is important to place signs where they have the most visibility and carry the most weight. This usually means they should be situated close to crosswalks and near intersections. Putting additional signs in the school neighborhood reminds drivers that there will be increased pedestrian traffic in the area and to be alert.


If you want to know more, you can contact us at AABCO Barricade and Sign Co.

How to Use Portable Construction Light Towers

light up closeKeeping your workers and members of the public safe is your primary concern at your worksites. The best way to accomplish those tasks is by having the illumination and signs you need. At AABCO Barricade and Sign Co., our specialty is safety on the job in construction zones and for the public. We provide equipment to meet those goals, and we’ll look at the best use of portable construction light towers in Washington here as an example.

Seeing is safety. When workers are not operating in dim and dark conditions, there is less risk of an injury or project setback from an error. A construction site bathed in good lighting is a better environment for the workers while also being easily identifiable and avoidable by anyone who is not supposed to be there.

The best way to use construction light towers is to place them where there can fully illuminate a worksite while not being in the way of workers or equipment. They should also be situated where they do not cause a distraction to any oncoming motorists if the work is happening roadside.

Before erecting light towers, it is always a good idea to check on any local bylaws or regulations on using such equipment.

roadwork sign

Why Safety Signs Are Necessary For Construction Sites

From falling debris to large machinery, there are few work environments more dangerous than construction. Fortunately, crews know what safety precautions to take, thanks to construction signs on Washington build sites. There are several categories of signs, and each one provides crucial information.

Prohibition Signs

These are standard warning signs and have a red circle with a line through them. They are often associated with no entry and are intended to discourage unauthorized access.

Mandatory Signs

These blue signs tell you what you must do. The most common mandatory sign on construction sites is to wear a hard hat but can include a high-visibility clothing requirement or to keep something locked.

Warning Signs

These bright yellow signs warn you of certain conditions, like a slippery floor or that you are entering a construction site. They are not always instructions; they are meant as alerts.

Safe Condition Signs

When you need to know where to find safety, these green signs mean go. Safe condition signs offer directions or instructions, such as the location of a first aid kit or an assembly point.

Firefighting Equipment Signs

These red construction signs let you know where to find firefighting equipment. While they are red like warning signs, they are always rectangular.

When entering a construction site, you must be aware of your surroundings and follow the signs. Health and safety are your primary consideration when in a dangerous environment.


Why Choose A Custom Sign Shop for Your Road Signage?

When drivers are on the road, they don’t have time to analyze and adjust for different road sign styles. Uniformity and consistency are essential for commuters. The standards for construction and traffic direction signs are laid out by a governing body that ensures that businesses who create signage understand their responsibilities. That’s why it’s critical to discuss your requirements with a custom sign shop in Washington. With over three decades of experience, AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. knows that the correct specifications for road and traffic signs are critical. They make sure drivers in fast-moving vehicles easily understand your message.

Compliance with the MUTCD

The Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices outlines traffic direction and construction sign industry standards. The MUTCD gives custom sign shops the information they need to adhere to road compliance and safety requirements. No company wants to take a chance that their product is not in accordance with the necessary regulations.

Safety First

Traffic direction signs are an essential component of travel; they provide us with speed, direction, restrictions, and allowances. Construction signs keep everyone safe, including the people working on the construction site. Warning signs allow drivers to prepare for special road conditions and keep travelers safe from hazards. Put your trust in a custom sign shop that follows industry standards to ensure compliance with all safety regulations.

The Types of Regulatory Signs You Need to Know

Regulatory signs convey important information about how you need to drive for your own safety, the safety of others, and to avoid a traffic ticket. While you can likely recognize the most common signs with only a glance, there are dozens of signs in use in the United States that you should know. Here are the most important ones for drivers to know:

Stop and Yield: The red octagon Stop sign is the most iconic of all regulatory signs. However, it’s equally essential to obey posted Yield signs to prevent collisions. Most Yield signs are red and white triangles, but there are other variants, including rectangular Yield to Pedestrians and Left Turn Yield on Green messages. Likewise, keep your eye out for All-Way or 4-Way stop signals and Stop Here When Flashing.

Directions: Firetruck red Do Not Enter and Wrong Way signs are just a couple of examples of directional regulatory signs. Other common types you must memorize are the many forms of Turn Signs and messages about upcoming changes to the highway.

Parking: Many drivers struggle to decipher confusing parking messages, but it’s crucial to know where you can stop without getting ticketed. Some types of Parking signs include the basic P covered by a red no sign, No Parking Any Time, X HR Parking from one time period to another, Reserved Parking for disabled drivers, and so on.

Your Source for Road Construction Necessities

On any construction site, safety is priority number one. This is especially true on road construction sites, where passing traffic and nighttime working hours can create potentially hazardous conditions for workers. If you are managing a road construction project, you need certain safety necessities to help protect your crew. AABCO Barricade and Sign Co. has everything you need to maintain safe conditions at your job site.

With our products, you can set up a barricade in Seattle, WA, to mark off your work area from the general traffic. Our durable products include:

  • Class I Barricades
  • Class II Barricades
  • Class III Barricades
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • ADA Barricades

In addition to barricades and water-filled barriers, our selection also includes a number of other safety items for your worksite. Ask us about our high-performance light towers that illuminate your construction site during the nighttime hours. Additionally, our traffic direction signs help you divert traffic and alert motorists that a construction site is ahead.

When it comes to barricades and signs that serve to uphold your job site’s safety, our company has everything you need. As our customer, you can rest assured that all of your traffic sign needs are met on every job. If you have any questions, our team is available to take your call.